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Charity Log Exclusive Tariffs with Frontier

Charity Log customers are eligible for the following offers, exclusive to the Frontier Group 

Start up office

Recommended for new start ups

Includes broadband, line rental and phone system costs combined 

Fibre Broadband

Line Rental

Desk Phone



20% off retail price for Charity Log customers

Getting you started with a VOIP telephone system, with as little as one desk phone.  This system is easily scalable, meaning you can add and remove users as you need them.

Changing your setup

Recommended for organisations with traditional phone systems

Includes recommendations for connectivity, moving to VOIP and combining costs

20% off retail price for Charity Log customers

Looking at your current set up and what will work best for your organisation in the future - we'll look at your connectivity and telecoms infrastructure to see where we can upgrade and save you money.

Benefits of switching to VOIP

– It’s easy to increase your users and expand your systems with VOIP. Adding and removing users is low cost, quick, easy and efficient (but you can leave that to us).

– The ability to work from anywhere at any time is a reality with a VOIP system, as calls can be directed anywhere, even mobiles – particularly helpful in disaster recovery.

– Choose a number from any geographical location, so you can appear to be calling from a local number.

– With VOIP, replacing a traditional phone system and the high capital expenditure it comes with becomes redundant. A VOIP system means much less initial layout and more affordable monthly payments.

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